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Welcome to Danby, NY


The town of Danby, south of Ithaca on Rt. 96B, is notable for the Danby State Forest, Jennings Pond, Upper Buttermilk State Park, and connects through the Finger Lakes trail system to Connecticut Hill State Forest to the West and Shindagin Hollow to the southeast. There is a small town center with a lending library and town hall; events in town, including the annual Danby Parade in June, are launched from the fire hall on Rt. 96 or the Danby United Federated Church on the opposite side of the road. Citizens of the town created a park in the center recently, only a mile or so west of Jennings Pond State Park.


Danby is only five minutes outside of Ithaca, and thus within a short drive of Tops, Wegmans, Walmart and all the trappings of civilization. Country Inn and Suites recently opened a luxury hotel on the corner of Rt 96B and King Road; the famous La Tourelle resort and spa, and John Thomas Steakhouse, are also right on 96B. National Book Auctions, also on 96B, holds regular auctions of rare book collections.

Recreation & Entertainment

During the summer the town sponsors a lifeguard at Jennings Pond, which has an enclosed swimming pond separate from the pond proper. Throughout the summer local fishermen are stationed at favorite fishing spots or taking a boat out on the pond. There are over 7,000 acres of state forest and 15 miles of trails, in the Danby forest alone; the Cayuga trails club offers trail synopses on their website.

Transportation & Traffic

Danby is served by the Tompkins County bus system, TCAT, which runs regular buses to Danby for commuters.

Pros & Cons

Danby feels more remote than it is, which is a pro or a con depending on what you're looking for. Ithaca's small but vigorous Tibetan community, centered on Namgyal Monastery, is in the process of building Du Khor Choe Ling, a teaching center and American home for the Dalai Lama, on Rt. 96. The Zen Center, on Lieb Road not far from Jennings Pond, offers another home for the meditation-minded; there is also a Buddhist retreat on the seasonally maintained part of Comfort Road.