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Welcome to Groton, NY


Groton is a town in the northeast corner of Tompkins County. The town of Groton includes a village, also called Groton. The town is northeast of Ithaca and is halfway between Cortland and Ithaca. Students in Groton attend Groton Central Schools.


Groton is a rural town with land use largely given over to agriculture. Shopping options are in larger areas, like Ithaca (25 minute drive) and the village of Lansing (15 minute drive). The village of Groton has a commercial center with some services (e.g., car repair), shops, bars, restaurants, and a 7-11 with a gas station. The Groton Farmers Market on Peru Road opens for the season in early July.

Recreation & Entertainment

In addition to its rural countryside and neighboring Owasco Lake, Groton’s main attraction for outdoor recreation is the Owasco Inlet. It flows north through the center of the village and enters the south end of the lake through a marsh that is renowned for its beauty and wildlife. It is best explored by kayak or canoe.

Transportation & Traffic

Commuters generally use Route 38 and Route 34B to get to Groton from Ithaca and Lansing. Route 222 leads directly from the village over to the city of Cortland. As for public transportation, Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit (TCAT) runs regularly from Ithaca to the town. There are small regional airports in Lansing, Corning and Binghamton.

Pros & Cons

Groton is halfway between two college towns, with SUNY Cortland in one direction and Cornell University and Ithaca College in the other. It is a great place to live for those who want a quiet, rural home life and would rather drive to the hubbub associated with entertainment venues and commerce. In addition, Tompkins Cortland Community College is in Dryden (the next town to the south). On the other hand, you do have to do a lot of driving if you live in Groton, which is not allows uneventful in the winter.